Travertino Silver Romano - The versatility and durability of Roman Travertine with silver tones

Travertino Romano is a high-quality marble quarried in Italy characterized by a porous texture and irregular striations, usually brown, beige, yellow and/or pinkish in color.

Travertino Silver Romano is a variety of Roman travertine with both classical and contemporary accents, now popular with architects in construction and interior design because it is so versatile. It is distinguished by its colors ranging from brown to beige and light gray to silver-gray, and its hue can have natural variations that add a distinctive and unique look to individual rooms.


travertino silver romano walls and floor

Travertino Silver Romano walls and floors

This type of travertine is known for its veins that vary from thin to thicker, creating a visually interesting design on the surface of the stone. It is most commonly used to add an elegant and luminous touch to both delicate environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as to floors, walls, and cladding of interior spaces. 

Due to its weather resistance, it is also used for outdoor environments such as floors, wall coverings, and building facades.


travertino silver romano sink

Travertino Silver Romano sink


This material is considered to be extremely versatile and suitable for many processes: it can be filled with colored mastic or transparent resin or left open-pored and then sanded, polished, satin-finished, microblasted, and micro-sandblasted. The Silver Romano Travertine used for the photos in this bathroom has been resin filled and micro sandblasted.

The exaltation of quality and the enhancement of natural stone are the cornerstones that Stocchero Attilio has been pursuing for fifty years, supporting over time the realization of these great design projects in collaboration with its many partners. 



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