Venus Black: when Virginia Black becomes uniform.

Venus Black is an exclusive granite characterized by a medium grain structure and a particular homogeneity that makes it an optimal alternative to Virginia Black. This amazing granite has its origins in Orissa and Jharkhand, Indian territories, famous for their abundance in minerals and natural rocks. The matt black chroma is the dominant color, which catalogues this granite, this  black usually softened with mixed ash grey and dark green shades, creates undulating patterns on the slabs. This peculiarity helps Venus Black to be applied in many particular stylistic combinations. Venus black compared to Virginia Black has much more delicate veining, therefore it’s suitable for a wider range of applications.

min virginia or venus black countertop 1virginia venus black countertop

One of the main characteristics of Venus Black granite is the hardness, this characteristic makes several its possibilities of application: it can be used to cover internal and external surfaces; also thanks to its tolerance to acid foods, it is considered an optimal choice for kitchen countertops, bar countertops and work surfaces.

Processed surface has been considered a "must” among architects and interior designers, indeed Venus Black is suitable for any type of finish, starting with a simple honed finish that succeeds to bring out the mysterious color of this granite, to finally get to polished, leather finish , patinated, brushed, flamed and hammered surfaces. This last surface, the hammered one, has been often used for external coverings. The latest distinctive surfaces introduced during last years, thanks to the newest technological innovations( Juta, Wenghè, Tranchè, Wood, Bamboo, Rigato H2O e Rigato light) allow exalting the structural and aesthetic qualities of Venus Black.

The availability of this new granite is very limited. Thanks to our constant research of high quality materials around the world we are proud to consider ourselves almost “exclusivists” of Venus Black. The uniqueness that we want to share with our clients.

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Black has it all. Its beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.

Coco Chanel




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