Toos Bronze and New Saint Laurent - when the classic blends with modern...

Nowadays we use more and more frequently the natural stone to decorate the ambiances, both internal and external. One of the latest trends of interior designs are the impressions, in other words the highly powerful emotions that give us the materials we employee to cover interiors and exteriors. This new tendency become the engine that promotes the continuous research.

We present Toos Bronze and New Saint Laurent, both marbles with a compact structure. Toos Bronze is an Iranian light brown marble with vivid touches of bronze thin veins that cross the slab and provide an exotic and elegant aspect at the same time. New Saint Laurent has origins far back into China, a marble characterized by deep, thin white veins crossing the slab in all directions, which become sparkles of light on varicolored brown background. The color of the marble becomes a sensory communication weapon, where shades play an important role; the brown in this case evokes a sense of warmth, comfort and hospitality.

tempory brown2Surfaces in New Saint Laurent

Toos Bronze and New Saint Laurent are both soft materials and are usually used in the furniture and interior designs, wall cladding and flooring. With a range of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques one of the manipulations that bring out the most of New Saint Laurent is polishing. Due to degradation of brown from light to dark, the slab acquires incredible depth and makes the space. Toos Bronze instead expresses its beauty, polished as well as with Leather and Antique finish, which give an exotic, mysterious and extravagant gaze.

To create a warm, cozy and elegant bedroom, you can choose a wall coating of these two marbles. The ideal is to paint the opposite wall of a very light color, rather a beige or peach, to bring out the splendor of Toos Bronze and New Saint Laurent and shaping a welcoming milieu.

toos bronze bath 2Wall in Toos Bronze

The colors are the true inhabitants of space . The line does nothing but travel to, through and follow it ; it only comes

Yves Klein



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