Taj Mahal - The Brazilian quartzite that creates elegant and refined spaces

Taj Mahal is a Brazilian quartzite with a beige background rich in white, gray and amber veins and wavy shades. It is a material with a very elegant and refined appearance suitable for interior decoration (kitchen countertops, tables, bathrooms, and living rooms), wall and floor coverings, and also for outdoor environments such as balconies, terraces, and siding.


Taj Mahal countertop and tableTaj Mahal countertop and table

Its texture is almost transparent and very luminous, characteristics that make it possible to create classy environments.

The surfaces that most pander to the desires of interior designers and architects are polished, satin-finished and honed.

Taj Mahal is often mistakenly considered a granite, instead it is a valuable quartzite that inherits from its extreme hardness and resistance to wear and biomechanical agents (acids, bases and solvents). Moreover, this beautiful material can be used for any realization since it does not absorb any kind of stain.


                      taj mahal floor and stairs  taj mahal stairs

                      taj mahal floor  taj mahal floor and countertop

 Taj Mahal floor, stairs and kitchen countertop


Thanks to its mechanical qualities but especially because of its colors and elegance, it is a popular material among architects and designers around the world, who use it extensively to tastefully decorate indoor and outdoor spaces: kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring and wall coverings.


                     taj mahal exterior  taj mahal exterior stairs

Planters and outdoor stairs in Taj Mahal



Recently I have been employing Taj Mahal quartzite on several projects.It has a light appearance, a very light color similar to white marble and is also as strong and durable as granite. It should not be confused with agglomerate (resin) countertops because it is natural stone. It is not completely white; it is a bit creamier with a touch of warm gray. What I love about Taj Mahal is its semi-transparency, which is a typical quality of quartzites. There is a nice richness and depth. [...].


If you are looking for an alternative to a white marble Taj Mahal is an ideal choice!

- Carla Aston -



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