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The Sodalite is a deep blue granite coming from South America. It present itself with an intense and bright blue color, sometimes tending towards grey or blue-sky shade, crossed by thin white veining of feldspar or light infiltrations of black. Extracted in a quarry situated at 3.800mt above sea level on the Bolivian Andes, the Sodalite is defined as “precious or luxury stone” because of its high value and difficult availability. In Bolivia besides the Sodalite Blue and Sodalite Blue Extra, it is extracted also the Sodalite Royal Blue, known for its uniqueness. Sometimes Sodalite may be confused with Lapis lazuli, when it presents small infiltrations of pyrite.

Tavolo in Sodalite Royal BlueTable of Sodalite Royal Blue

This granite encompasses many shades of blue: starting with light blue of the sky and going to cobalt blue that depicts overwhelming waves. Some cuts of Sodalite present grey anthracite conglomerates, which united to intense blue, create suggestive effects particularly desired by architects for their uniqueness. We named these small masterpieces with the name of “Sodalite Blue Extra”.

As long as this material is very precious, both Sodalite Extra and Sodalite Blue Extra, are used with major frequency in interior decoration, like for floors or wall coverings. If it is employed as an open book, you can create beautiful geometries and striking designs. As was said before, the Sodalite is classified as “granite” because of its resistance and consistency; therefore, it is very appreciated in baths coverings, wellness areas and work surfaces.

With polish finish, leather finish and a unique “reptile” finish that donates to the material a touch of mystery, the Sodalite could express itself better.

sodalite collageFloor in Sodalite Blue Extra

The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural...

Vasilij Kandinskij


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