New Design Trends of natural stone: Sky Blue and Negresco

Shapes and colors are the new frontier of the stone world, while remaining in minimalist style it is more likely to use materials with different shades and structures. Among the natural stone world we notice an increasing tendency to use quartzites, even if the marble remains eternal. Nowadays, the coolest materials are originally from China and Brazil. Sky Blue is a “lavastone”, while Negresco is a quartzite. Both materials have characteristics in common like strength and hardness.

sky blue negresco countertopCountertops in Sky Blue and Negresco

Sky Blue appears like a marble, but it shows some characteristics of granite, in other words, it lasts and could not be damaged by acid foods. Negresco is a dark colored stratified quartzite, crossed by thin white and deep black veins that create a huge spider’s web. These materials are ideal for work countertops and internal coverings. Furthermore, Sky Blue is perfect for floor cladding, for external cladding and poolsides.

Natural stones preserve a timeless beauty, but in addition to the charm of existing for millions of years, they also have characteristics of strength, solidity and durability that make them superior to the factory products.

After the era of smooth surfaces and extreme minimalism, some decorative elements are back. We could provide these with different finishes that gives the natural stone the characteristic of materiality. One of the best techniques to obtain this result are “wenghe”, “juta” or “wood” finish, they donate the material a singular appear , completely unusual from typical polish finish. In addition, different finishes of the assortment “Rigato” open the doors to experimentation. 

atlantic stone pavingFloor in Sky Blue

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? no. Just as one can never learn how to paint.

Pablo Picasso




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