Cristallo Gold - The elegance of the translucent Brazilian quartzite with golden and amber veins

Cristallo Gold is a visually striking quartzite of Brazilian origin: it features a wonderful contrast between the cool tones of white marble and the warm tones of golden and amber veins, which together create a wonderful translucent effect. 

It is an ultra-compact surface that imitates the effect of crystal, ideal for creating spaces with a touch of glamour. The delicate background provides the perfect base for its golden pattern that is both modern and timeless.


cristallo gold quartzite backlit

Back-lighted Cristallo Gold 

The Brasilian Cristallo Gold quartzite is characterized by its great versatility as it is used to add an elegant and luminous touch to delicate environments such as kitchens and bathrooms as well as to floors, walls and classing of indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Thanks to its transparency, it is also recommended as an back-lighted stone to create striking designer furnishings.



Typology: QUARTZITE  |  Color: WHITE  |  Origin: BRASIL


The two versions of Cristallo GoldThe transparency of Cristallo Gold


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